July 25, 2019

Leveraging GIS Tools and Data to Support the Water Sector Webinar

(Hosted by the Membership Committee)

Water organizations depend on reliable information about their assets. Without a centralized, authoritative database of an organization’s asset registry, a utility could be at risk of mismanaging their network. GIS is a proven system of record that can be a foundation for organizations to manage their assets. With an established GIS in use, a utility can begin to leverage that single-source information on multiple platforms and applications. A well-designed GIS can reduce data duplication and redundancy as well as eliminate risk of data loss. These databases can be integrated with CCTV systems, Work Order systems, and many other databases to develop a common operating platform that can be the tool for asset management. This presentation will cover how organizations can get started with GIS, enhance their current GIS, present recommendations on implementation of an Enterprise GIS, and display innovative and useful applications of the GIS data in support of asset management. Recent case studies will be shown to give the audience a real-life example of how to build and leverage a crucial component of data within a utility.

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Justin Graham, Barge Design Solutions

1 PDH credit hour offered for live viewing (12:30 ET on July 25, 2019)