Why Clean Water?

What is Clean Water Professionals of Kentucky & Tennessee?
Clean Water Professionals of Kentucky & Tennessee (CWP-KT), formerly KY-TN Water Environment Association, is the local Member Association (MA) of the national Water Environment Federation (WEF).  WEF is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization of 34,000 individual members and 75 affiliated Member Associations representing water quality professionals around the world. Since 1928, WEF and its members have protected public health and the environment. 

What is the mission of CWP-KT?
Boldly lead a professional community dedicated to safe and clean water through education, innovation, and advocacy.
Why should I become a member of CWP-KT?  
For professionals interested in the water sector, membership in CWP-KT provides training, knowledge base enhancement, and networking opportunities.  When joining WEF, select CWP-KT as your member association.

Benefits of becoming a CWP-KT member include:
• Educational opportunities: CWP-KT offers numerous outstanding specialty conferences across both KY and TN, as well as free webinars on a regular basis. The annual KY-TN Water Professionals Conference offers numerous opportunities to earn professional development hours and operator CEUs. Members receive a reduced conference rates.
• Opportunities for certification: The Pretreatment Certification Program includes technical training classes, training manuals, certification exams, and dissemination of other pretreatment information
• Networking: Build a large network of professional connections by participating in conferences, volunteer leadership opportunities and certification trainings
• Publications: The quarterly newsletter, Streamlines, is filled with news and information about CWP-KT and its members. It includes a variety of articles relevant to the clean water sector, including technical articles to keep you in-the-know about current research. It is mailed to all members and is available 365 days a year on the website.
• Eligible for CWP-KT awards and recognition programs

What is WEF membership?
The CWP-KT is a member association (MA) of the Water Environment Federation (WEF). When joining WEF, select CWP-KT as your member association.  CWP-KT dues will be  included in the WEF member price.
You may call WEF Member Services at 1-800-666-0206 with any questions. Once WEF has received and processed your application, they will send your information to CWP-KT where it is entered into our database.

What is the cost?
The cost of CWP-KT membership depends on the selected membership option.  Click HERE to explore the different membership options, the WEF cost, and a matrix of membership benefits. In addition to the WEF costs, the CWP-KT costs are currently $20 per year.

What is the current makeup of CWP-KT?
The membership of CWP-KT is comprised of individuals from utilities, industries, academia, consulting firms, and manufacturer representatives. The current membership totals about 1,000 with people at all levels of their career.

How do I join WEF and CWP-KT?
Click HERE. You will be led to the WEF website, where you can select your desired membership type (Professional, Professional Operator, Young Professional, etc). You will be asked to select your Member Association, which is where you select the Clean Water Professionals of KY/TN! This will add CWP-KT to your WEF membership, and you will receive a welcome email from us containing your login information.

How do I post a job on the CWP-KT website?
Posting a job on the website is easy. The cost is $100 for a 60-day posting. Click HERE to complete the posting.

How do I update my personal information in the membership database?
Login to the member section of the CWP-KT website HERE.
If you need your username or password, please contact Valerie Lucas.

How do I access my PDH and CEU records? 

As a CWP-KT member, you are able to access your PDH and CEU records for all CWP-KT hosted events you attend.
Your records are available through the member portal; login to the member section of the CWP-KT website HERE. You can watch a quick 2-minute "how to" video HERE.

How do I get engaged with a CWP-KT Committee?
Click HERE to contact committee chairs directly, or log in HERE, and click on the Engagement section in the Members Area.