Clean Water Movement

The Clean Water Movement seeks to improve public perception, boost recruitment into our profession and create growth opportunities across the entire water sector.
The truth is, we are a more powerful force of change when we work together. This collaboration is about leveraging our work for the good of our communities. This partnership is about remembering our purpose and our passion to provide clean water for all.

Let's work together for the future of water. Will you join us?

We invite you to tell a new story about wastewater management:  

Commit to a culture-shift. Effective change always begins with buy-in. Ask questions. Begin the conversation. Now is the time to remember why we do what we do. 

Tell the truth about water. Share your passion.
Clean up your language. 

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#CleanWaterMovement at work

#cleanwater doesn't just happen, professionals across Kentucky and Tennessee are committed to the essential work of the water sector. 
Did you know: Only 15% of the water workforce are women.
Pledge to recruit the next generation of water professionals. 
Bowling Green Municipal Utilities, a Clean Water Partner since 2019, shares about beginning their #cleanwatermovement transformation and the benefits to their community and water environment sector.
Read the article and pledge to have that first conversation with your internal stakeholders.

The City of Murray, KY updated their exterior signage from Wastewater Treatment Plant to Water Resource Recovery Facility. 
Pledge to update your facility exterior signage with clean water language.
Photo courtesy of: City of Murray, KY