Clean Water Technology
Provides educational and enrichment opportunities to entities that provide treatment to a waste stream. Our members monitor trade shows and publications to remain abreast of cutting edge technology, provide assistance to the Executive Board and the Water Professional Conference Technical Program Committee, and coordinate webinars and specialty conferences.

Kentucky Co-Chair:
Kyle Novak
Hazen and Sawyer
Phone: (502) 290-6187

Tennessee Co-Chair:
Karen Harrison
Water Management Services Phone: (615) 406-2749
Serves as resource on collection system design, management, operation, and maintenance, ranging from education to regulation to new methods, materials, and practices. The committee also focuses on collection system rehabilitation, infiltration and inflow identification and reduction, through both open cut and trenchless methods.

Kentucky Co-Chair:
Seth Bradley
Hazen and Sawyer
Phone: (859) 286-1267

Tennessee Co-Chair:
Herschel Hall
Knoxville Utilities Board
Phone: (865) 558-2106

Responsible for implementing and enhancing methods of communicating with the membership of the Association.  Publication of the association newsletter, Streamlines, is the responsibility of the communications committee, and the committee coordinates with other committees to generate articles and other content for the newsletter.

Kentucky Co-Chair:

Tennessee Co-Chair:
Kristi Schnell
Metro Water Services
Phone: (615) 862-4573

Government Affairs
Monitors and review existing and proposed legislation, regulation, and policies in the environmental field with specific emphasis on water resource-related issues and disseminates to the members. The Committee develops programs for government affairs seminars and other special meetings and workshops.

Kentucky Co-Chair:
Wesley Sydnor
Louisville Jefferson County MSD
Phone: (502) 540-6274

Tennessee Co-Chair:
Saya Qualls
Hazen and Sawyer
Phone: (615) 783-1515

Laboratory Practices
Increases awareness about Laboratory Procedures and provides a platform for analysts to discuss and sharpen their skills.
Kentucky Co-Chair:
Lance Williams
Phone: (800) 227-4224 x.6350

Tennessee Co-Chair:
Jessica Cooper
City of Maryville
Phone: (865) 363-1763
Management Issues
Assists managers involved in the water and wastewater industry. The Committees mission is to involve, educate, and develop managers from all sides including utilities, engineering firms, and equipment suppliers.

Kentucky Co-Chair:
Roy Mundy
McWane Ductile
Phone: (859) 361-8585

Tennessee Co-Chair:
Jill Davis
Environment One Corporation
Phone: (423) 744-0340

Develops and implements approved membership value and educational material as well as outreach activities to promote membership in the Association to utilities, industries, and other organizations.

Kentucky Co-Chair:
Johnathan Thomas
Phone: (859) 489-4132

Tennessee Co-Chair:
Jonathan Childs
Barge Design Solutions
Phone: (615) 252-4212

Pre-Treatment Certification
Develops and maintain a pretreatment certification program that provides training and voluntary certification for individuals who work in the pretreatment field, providing an opportunity for professional growth where none previously existed.

Kentucky Co-Chair:
Jason Crawford
Sanitation District No. 1
Phone: (513) 646-7323

Tennessee Co-Chair:
Chuck Durham
PG Environmental
Phone: (615) 888-2928

As the newest CWP-KT committee, they develop, recommend, and conduct programs to promote general understanding of water reuse for non-potable and potable uses.  Nationally, reuse is realizing a broader recognition and is emerging as a key tool to manage one of our most critical resources, water, in a more sustainable manner. Our Committee seeks to use this recognition and interest in water reuse as an opportunity to expand knowledge of the field, in order to provide sound information to CWP-KT members, as well as regulators and other interested parties and promote water reuse.

Kentucky Co-Chair:
Robert Bates
Phone: (502) 489-8484

Tennessee Co-Chair:
Brent Fowler
Phone: (615) 383-1113

Watershed & Stormwater
Promotes activities to broaden the understanding of watershed management and stormwater issues by serving as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience among watershed and stormwater professionals.

Kentucky Co-Chair:
Chris Dent
Phone: (859) 233-2103

Tennessee Co-Chair:
Crystal Bishop
Hamilton Co. Water Quality Program
Phone: (423) 209-7853

Joint Committees (joint with KY/TN Section AWWA)

Leadership Academy
Develops content, plans training events, and operates the Leadership Academy along with KY/TN Section AWWA. The Leadership Academy develops the next generation of leaders in the water industry through training sessions and team building activities that incorporate personal and professional development.

CWP-KT Leadership Academy Committee Chair:
Mark McKinney
First Utility District of Knox Co.
Phone: (865) 777-1070

Young Professionals
Enhances the skills of young professionals through professional development and leadership opportunities. The YP Committee provides education outside of our professional committee that represents our passion and enthusiasm toward our industry.

CWP-KT YP Committee Chair:
Seth Dobyns
Guthrie Sales
Phone: (615) 933-7810

Develops and supports student chapters at centers of higher learning across Kentucky and Tennessee.

CWP-KT Student Committee Chair:
Danielle Jones
Hazen and Sawyer
Phone: (931) 434-0521