2021 Holiday Gift Guide


 Bdellovibrio bacteriovours and Thiobacillus denitrificans have never looked so good.

Microorganisms have never looked so good in this watercolor art print from TheForestCloak on Etsy >


Water reuse has emerged as a viable solution to some of the world's greatest water issues.

Discover these 5 worldly beers crafted with water reuse


CWP-KT is the local Member Association of WEF (Water Environment Federation).

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Waste: One Woman‘s Fight Against America‘s Dirty Secret

Catherine Coleman Flowers grew up rural Alabama, a place that is "Ground Zero for a new movement that is Flowers's life's work. It's a fight to ensure human dignity through a right most Americans take for granted: basic sanitation."  

It begs the question: how can we as water professionals help? 

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Water for People's mission includes promoting sustainable sanitation: affordable toilet options, access to skilled contractors and safe ways to take care of waste.

Give the gift of sustainabiity. 

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Expand their podcast queue with these water-specific pods:

The h2duO's podcast
Water In Real Life  Subscribe >
Brave Blue World podcast Listen >


Patents of engineering marvels, including favorites such as: toilets, the TP, water purifier and tunnel boring.

Wish list items from PatentEarth on Etsy >


Celebrate the #essentialworker with a variety of CWP-KT branded merch. 

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Conserve water and enjoy a little plant therapy.

Air plants not only are low-maintenance, they conserve the earth's most precious resource: water. 

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The true story of Boston's dirty harbor and the construction of a state-of-the-art treatment plant and 10-mile-long tunnel. 

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