December 10, 2020

State and National Clean Water ReUse - Status Reviews

(Hosted by the Reuse Committee)

The webinar will discuss national, Kentucky, and Tennessee perspectives of water reuse. Patrick Dube, PhD, with WEF, will provide an overview of the national perspective of water reuse and WEF's involvement. Jory Becker, PE with Kentucky Division of Water will discuss the water reuse in the state and how Kentucky anticipates implementing water reuse rules and regulations in the future. Angela Jones, PE with TDEC Division of Water Resources will discuss the current state of potable and non-potable reuse in Tennessee as well as the proposed rules and how they will affect the future of reuse in Tennessee. The webinar will also review the status of Next Round Brewing and reuse water for brewing beer.

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Jory Becker, Kentucky Division of Water
Patrick Dube, WEF
Angela Jones, TDEC Division of Water Resources

1.0 PDH/WW credit hour offered for live viewing (12:30 ET on December 10, 2020).
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