October 22, 2019

An Introduction to an Unconventional Microbiological Monitoring Tool Webinar

(Hosted by the Laboratory Practices Committee)

This webinar will discuss a new microbiological test that can be used in the water sector. This new test, when used in conjunction with current methods can be used to obtain risk-based results faster, to allow decisions to be made with more information. This unconventional testing method is known as 2nd Generation ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).Throughout the presentation, we will learn about why ATP became an important molecule for testing microorganisms, the different parts of the microbial toolbox and how they all fit together within the water sector.Within drinking water, we will dive into the pipes that carry drinking water from the plant to the community. Looking at the different tools to determine where biological growth is occurring in the distribution system and measuring the effectiveness of the mitigation. Some of these tools will include chlorine, HPC, ATP, and turbidity.For wastewater, the management of microorganisms is to maintain their levels to break down the nutrients fed by our communities. We will look at how 2nd Generation ATP testing can be utilized to understand the health of the biological population within an activated sludge Water Resource Recovery facility (WRRF). The health of the plant is used to identify areas of possible optimization, or times of toxicity.

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Adam Barnett, LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.
Dave Tracey, LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

1 PDH credit hour offered for live viewing (12:30 ET on October 22, 2019)