January 31, 2019

Using Social Media and Regulatory Support to Make a Bad Day Better Webinar

(Hosted by the Management Committee)

Imagine if in the midst of summer heat, water chemistry changes due to a unique mixture of temperature, pH, pipe age and source water, causing discolored water to be delivered to thousands of customer and falsely alarming them of contamination. This nightmare actually occurred in Dandridge, TN during the summer of 2017. For utilities who have dealt with similar issues, you can surely sympathize with the challenges faced during this crisis, not least among which was keeping the public informed. Social media and TDEC support can be very beneficial during such events and can afford the ability to transform a crisis into an opportunity to educate the public and provide exceptional customer service. Attend to learn how using social media and regulatory support to make a bad day better.

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Mike Norton, City of Dandridge

1 PDH/MUB credit hour offered for live viewing (12:30 ET on January 31, 2019)