Clean Water Partners

How to Become a Clean Water Partner

CWP-KT is looking for partners to join us in telling a new story about wastewater management. We're gathering utility partners across Kentucky and Tennessee to help us improve public perception, boost recruitment into our profession and create growth opportunities across the entire water sector.

We're inviting our Clean Water Partners to:

  • Commit to a culture-shift. Its time to remind ourselves who we are, to leverage the power of what we do. The Clean Water Movement not only restores dignity to our profession, it puts our teams at the forefront of environmental advancement, economic expansion and community development. 
    • Lead your leaders. Effective change always begins with buy-in. Ask questions. Begin the conversation. Passion is contagious. Now is the time to remember why we do what we do.
    • Get your teams on board. Utilize our provided resources to train your teams regarding mentality shift, language upgrades, career expansion and professional reputation. 
  • Tell the truth about water. Far more than just changing some words on your website, its time to change the conversation. Intentionally engage and educate your local community about the Clean Water Movement. 
    • Start somewhere. Whether its a 5k, an elementary science class or a ribbon cutting, don't hesitate to share about the powerful work we do to keep our lakes, rivers and waterways clean. We have the tools to help you get started.
    • Clean up your language. Update internal and external-facing website, print and digital verbiage to align with the clean water movement. 

We know you will need some resources, and we've got you covered! To encourage a clean water culture shift within your utility and community, you will receive access to our Clean Water Partner Resources:

  • Monthly training resources for your teams
  • Public education materials
  • Partnership designation on our website and resources
  • Participation in collaborative initiatives 

The truth is, we are a more powerful force of change when we work together. Its time to change the face of water. This collaboration is about leveraging our work for the good of our communities. This partnership is about remembering our purpose and our passion to provide clean water for all.

Let's work together for the future of water. Will you join us?